Too Good To Be True!

       This morning there was a quick knock at the door, and the usual barking that ensues from our dog, Max, notifying me of said knock.  I opened the door to find a Fed Ex envelope addressed to my husband.  Eddy was already at work so I took the liberty of opening it myself.  Much to my surprise it contained a check for $4000 made out to Eddy.  My heart skipped a beat!  We could use that about now.  Who couldn’t?  I think I had spent most of it in my head paying toward my daughter’s college, new tires for the car, and some other things that weren’t necessities.  I had even thanked God for what seemed to be a blessing at the time, when it hit me…this is too good to be true.  It was then that I examined the check, and tried to call a phone number listed on the envelope.  Of course, the phone call wouldn’t go through and the check looked sketchy. One more phone call confirmed my suspicions.  It was a fraud.  So many emotions in such a small amount of time!
    Haven’t we all had that happen to us on more than one occasion in our lifetime.  We needed so badly for something good to happen to us whether it is in the form of finances, a relationship, a job or any other area of need.  We think it finally occurs, and we are ecstatic. Then suddenly things aren’t as they appear.  The money doesn’t come through, the relationship becomes complicated, and the job isn’t what you thought it would pan out to be.  As with me and my fake check, it was all just “too good to be true.” Disappointment pounds us, we berate ourselves for ever believing anything good could ever happen to us, and we live life just a little more jaded and skeptical. 
     However, there is someone, something that you can have in your life that seems “too good to be true” but is nothing but truth.. That someone is Jesus and that something is a personal relationship with someone who will never fail you in any way. Despite the fact that we have sinned and made some horrible decisions in our lives, God loved us so much that He sent His only son, Jesus, who knew no sin, to die an agonizing death on a cross for us.  In doing that, Jesus paid the debt that WE owed for our sins, forgave us and wiped our slate clean.   Sounds “too good to be true,” doesn’t it.  Yet, it is true. (John 3:16)
     God adopts us as children into His family, and we have an opportunity to have an ongoing relationship with Him.  This relationship has no strings and holds no heartbreak of abandonment. Despite the fact that hard times and disappointments will always be a part of life, we have a heavenly Father who will walk with us every step of the way and carry us when needed. Despite the fact that we will still sin and make mistakes in our lives, forgiveness is only a prayer away, and God offers us an unconditional love that never falters. He died for us when we weren’t perfect, and He will never expect us to be perfect. Unconditional love! Wow! Can’t even began to express to you how awesome that is to me in my life, how undeserving I feel as a recipient of this great love and grace.  Hard sometimes to grasp, yet, it is true.
     But there is more!  Death to this world is only the beginning to those of us who are God’s children.  We have a promise of eternity in heaven with Him. Heaven–just the word itself evokes such joy. What this earth has to offer cannot even compare.  Beyond the problems, the sickness, the lonliness, the emptiness of this world there is love, comfort, peace, joy, and no pain, physical or emotional.  That’s just the short list of all that God has in store for His children.
     Are you ready for the “too good to be true” part?  Here it is!  All that is required of you is that you BELIEVE what God’s son, Jesus, has done for you and RECEIVE Him into your heart and life. Talk to Jesus, just as you would a friend. Admit that you are a sinner, ask His forgiveness, and tell Him that you want Him to be the Lord and Savior of your life. It is that simple!  Now you will want to know more than these few paragraphs hold.  Search out a church family to become a part of where you can grow and be discipled in your new life.  But, most importantly, develop your relationship with Jesus by spending time with Him and in His word, the Bible.  It is there, in those quiet moments that He will reveal more of Himself to you and guide you in finding the purpose He has for your life.  And yes, this is TRUTH.  Jesus even refers to himself in the Bible as the way, the TRUTH, and the life. (John14:6)
     Thank you allowing me to share my best friend, my Jesus, my everything with you.  Now I must go and tear up my $4000 “too good to be true check.” Oh, well!  What seemed a cruel act of fraud, I now see as an opportunity. God works all things together for good! (Romans 8:28) As a result of that happening, God prompted me to share these words with you.  Now, perhaps you can share them with someone you know.  God Bless! 


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