Tell-Tale Trail

     All right.  Three guesses!  I’m thinking maybe you have to be a bit older or have grown up in the country to know what I’ve captured in this picture. What you see is the glistening trail left behind by none other than a slug, a slimy looking creature that often wreaks havoc in flower beds.  They are definitely not one of God’s more beautiful creations.  How many of you right this moment are thinking of the number of times you poured salt over a slug and watched it literally melt to mush before your eyes.  In retrospect, it seems a terrible thing to have done, but then again, they were likely on their way no good business in the flower bed, and it seemed justified!
     It was at my grandmother’s house that I first learned of slugs.  She lived in a pre-civil war constructed home, and slugs were a mainstay there.  They usually seem to come out at night, leaving only the shiny trail as evidence of their presence, not visible under the cover of darkness.  But in the light of day, you could see every inch of floor they had covered, where they had been and where they were going.  We often used those tell-tail trails to track them down and, well, you know, bring in the salt shaker! Those trails definitely worked to their detriment!
     So, I was thinking, what if God in His creation of man, had equipped us with a trail making ability.  How eye opening would that be for us, constantly leaving a well marked record of where we have been and possibly what we have done while there. Now this could work both ways. Perhaps the visibility of our travels would cause us to think twice about our paths which would be manifested with the light of each new day. Maybe we would look back at our shiny trail and be ashamed of the story it told of our destinations and activities. Or possibly, worse, maybe we would find little to no path left behind except that of a path to work, home to a comfy chair, and to bed…all to be repeated the following day.
     But, hopefully, surely, we can look back and see shiny trails showing evidence of travels made on the Lord’s behalf…trails that lead to the doorsteps of someone who is lost, in need, or hurting. Trails that are made because of our carrying out something God has whispered in our ear that He would have us do.  Those are the good kind. The kind that we want to look back over our shoulders and see criss-crossing in every which direction! Trails the show clearly that we are carrying out here on earth what the Lord would have us do.  Trails that confirm that we are being His hands and feet here on earth. 
     What stories do the hypothetical shiny trails left by you tell?  Take a look at your life, ask God, and listen ever so closely to God’s direction before you plan your next outing. Quite likely, He has some places for you to go or stop at along the way to do His work here on earth. Truth is you may just have to slow down enough to listen and get His co-ordinates.  Don’t be ashamed when you look back at where your travels have taken you.  Go and make some trails that the the light of the Son will illumine to reflect your love to Him as you go about your day.   Happy trails, blessed trails to you!

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