Where Do You Carry Your Pain?

                                           Praise be to the Lord our God, our Savior, who daily
                                                    bears our burdens.    Psalms 68:19

     My little Yorkshire terrier, Max, is no longer the young man he used to be. My six month old pup was neutered this week supposedly for his own health down the road.  Judging how he looked after surgery, he is not so sure about that right now!  Thank goodness the vet sent us home with some pain medication to help him make it through the next few days.
     The first night home I was quite concerned about him. Even after taking his medicine, Max was in so much pain that he lacked the ability to lie down comfortably. The best he could do was stand up all hunched over in the most contorted looking position.  Any efforts on our part to offer assistance were met with soft but serious growls.  It pained me to watch him. We were considering returning to the vet.  However, upon examination my husband, a physical therapist, quickly diagnosed the problem.  Max’s had tightened all of his abdominal muscles in response to the pain he was experiencing, countering his abitlity to lie down and get the rest he needed.  Max was trying but not dealing effectively with his pain. His tense body language told the story well.
     God brought this question to my mind.  How do we carry our pain?  Not so much the physical pain we have to endure in life. Unlike Max, we as humans have the ability to vocalize that kind of pain and consult a physician. But what about the unseen pain of emotional scars, abuse, loss of loved ones, depression, etc.? The pain we silently carry and hope no one discerns. The pain we mask with a smile hoping to keep concealed.  Since we believe everyone else to have it all together, then certainly we, too, must keep up that same facade.
     However what others don’t visibly perceive, we feel every bit as much as Max felt his pain.  And just as Max could not hide his pain from us, we cannot hide our pain from God.  He sees us in our uncomfortable looking stance, burdened with our personal pains, problems, broken dreams and insecurities. Pains that sometimes even exacerbate themselves in physical conditions such as ulcers, heart and autoimmune diseases, migraines, and nervous disorders.
     Thankfully God has just the right antidote for our pain, and as the Great Physician, He has provided us with just the correct dosage to give us the peace and healing we need.  If taken to a pharmacist the perscription would simply read – JESUS!  The time has come for us to give the situations and the pain which ensues to Him. Why do we insist on existing all doubled over, softly growling our way through life when Jesus is there to bring us much needed relief?  On the cross at Calvary, Jesus bore every bit of our sin, our pain, and suffering so that we would not have to do it on our own.

     Give it all to Jesus and find true rest in Him for whatever life has brought or will bring your way.  As I write this, Max has made a full recovery and is chasing frogs in the yard.  His pain is gone, and he seems to be excited about life again.  Jesus wants the same for us and so much more.  Look to Him to bring you joy as you rest in Him and your wounds are healed.  You probably won’t find chasing frogs in the back yard as enjoyable as Max, so embark on something that does bring you joy!  What a smile that would bring to God’s face just as Max in this moment brings to mine.
Update:  Max is now two years old and continues to be a delightful edition to our family!

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