Reading Material

     Being a Type A person, I rarely indulge myself with the guilty pleasure of reading a good fiction book. Carving time out of my everyday frenetic motion for time alone with God has been challenge enough.  I was raised with the idea that if your time was not being spent doing something productive, you were lazy.  However, my family gifted me with a Kindle for Mother’s Day and I find myself enjoying the relaxation of losing myself in a book and the story it weaves. 
     A well written book  provides you with all the details needed about the characters and their surroundings that, at least on my part, allow my mind to make a connection with them.  As the plot thickens, I become involved in the emotions they are experiencing.  I am happy for them, sad for them, concerned for them, sometimes even weep for them. I become a passenger in the roller coaster ride of their lives.
     What if we set a part time to sit down with our Bible in much the same way.  Far from a nonfiction book, the Bible is full of God’s truths and wisdom for us.  It is where God reveals to us His unconditional love, a place where we learn of the character of God. The Bible is packed full of riveting stories from the beginning of time, love stories, history, wars, drama, poetry, heart breaking chapters of loss and triumphal victory. With time spent in this sacred book, you begin to make those connections, become a part of the story, feel the dust gathering on your feet and sandals as you journey in the footsteps of Jesus.
      It is in time set aside reading the Bible that we form a very real, not fictitious connection with the main character, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  It is in time spent in His word to us that we form a bond and relationship that exists beyond the last chapter, words of love and encouragement that can be constantly revisited.  There in God’s words to us we find meaning and a purpose for our lives.  We build a relationship unequal to any we will ever find in this world. 
     So what do you think?  Give it a try!  If you are like me, you most likely will not have to even make a purchase or a Kindle download to get your copy.  We must have six or eight Bibles in our home.  Dust yours off if need be, and step into the pages of the greatest story ever told.  As you do so, open the ears of your heart and mind and hear God’s message to you for such a time as this very day. Allow His words to bring a joy and peace to your life like you have never known.
     Christians, the war rages around us as we fight Satan’s onslaughts in our lives.  How happy he is when he causes one of us to stumble, lose faith, give up the fight.  Sure, we carry our Bibles to church with us, but brought home and placed on the shelf it will not give us the upper hand in this battle.  General knowledge of the basics is not enough.  The battle will take more than a weekly Sunday dose of God’s word.  Be armed and ready!
     Now go, carve out time in your life to open the cover of what is truly the book for all times.  Be ready to walk through the pages with God and His son, Jesus. Lose yourself in its pages and gain all that God has for you there. What more intriguing characters will you ever find? To God be the glory!

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