Back in the Saddle Again

   If anyone out there is still interested, I am resuming my writing on the blog.  My apologies for the long gap in time.  An in town move to a new home and health issues have had most of my attention of late.  Then, there is, of course the distraction of a million other mostly unimportant things, and my personal flaw of procrastination. However,  I know God wants me to do this.  Therefore, I am back in the saddle again!
     Enough of that! With each passing day, I am sure to get anywhere from three to fifteen calls from my son, Ben, who is in a group home about an hour from us.  I love it when he and the other group home members are on an off campus outing and he calls to tell me about it. To hear him laughing and having a good time with his friends makes my heart smile! 
     Just last week he called, and by the sound of the background noise I could tell he was on a trip and having a blast. He began to tell me some of the details of what he was doing.  When he stopped to take a breath, I asked him where exactly he was. He paused for a moment, and in his very “Ben” way said, “Momma, I have no earthly idea where I am!”  He called out to a friend to get the exact location and relayed it to me. I smiled as I said goodbye and told hime to have fun.
     It often happens that God uses Ben to bring things worthy of thought to my attention. How many of us go through life having no earthly idea where we are in perspective to our heavenly purpose. Where are you right now?  Just hanging on by a thread, simply existing as everday life throws you around like the “Scambler” at the local county fair? Everthing is moving so quickly you, like Ben, don’t have any idea where you are in the life God mapped out for you when He knit you together in your mother’s womb. (Psalm 139:13)
     Let me encourage you today to refuse to get back in line for another ticket on the “Scambler.” Make it a priority to find a place of peace where you can ask God to help make the spinning stop. This will most likely take great effort and committment. This gift of time for you and God is long overdue. Without knowing it, you may have become addicted to the the chaos and chaos has become your norm. Not good at all! There Satan traps us where we have no time or energy to see where we are in relation to where we need to be, where God wants us to be, where He wants to use us for His glory. 

   As God speaks to you through His word, another person, or a still small voice, you may find out that you are terribly off course, miles away from the path of peace and purpose He as for you. Make a step in the right direction today. Please don’t be a procrastinator like me.  Don’t let your own fear be the purpose for your continued wandering, your wasted efforts. God loves you and He has this awesome plan for you and your life.  Something that He made you and you alone to do in this world. God has faith in you, has equipped you to do it, and HE will do it through you as HE supplies all that you will need. (Phil. 4:13)  How exciting is that! To God be the Glory!!

Not my picture above. I wish!   

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