Keeping Up Appearances

      A couple of weeks ago, I was expecting a party of twelve to visit our home. I thought the house was, for the most part, presentable and clean. Around noon I began to dust and do a few things to make ready.  The more I cleaned, the more I felt needed cleaning. I was given over to moderate panic at the end, trying to get myself ready and finish things up.  Don’t know if any of you ever do this, but it is quite my routine in times like this to shove anything left on the counter tops and tables into the nearest drawer.  Out of sight, out of mind!  Everything looks neat, tidy, and orderly… on the surface at least!
     Don’t we do the same in our every day lives to some extent. I believe that we hide things neatly away in our own personal “drawers” to give our lives the appearance of looking all neat and tidy.  That’s what we want people to believe about us, that we have it all together and under control.  When seen by others, we are sometimes even envied. If only they could see what we had shoved into those drawers at the last minute before a lunch together with friends, before leaving for church, or walking into work. Unlike the unattended mail and magazines on my tables and counter tops, we each have a personal clutter of our own. And what might that manifest as in our personal “drawers?”
     Perhaps we hide our insecurity, our sadness, disappointments, or loneliness. What about our shame, selfish nature, and hidden sin? We had rather no one have a glimpse of that side of us! And when those “drawers” get full of our personal clutter, it gets even more exhausting keeping that “everything is wonderful” facade of ours looking believable. If only we had taken each item hidden away and placed it before the Lord for the healing and comfort needed to deal with whatever it may be. What is hidden from others is in plain view for Him, and He still loves us.  God gave His only Son on a cross to bear these burdens and sins we work so hard to hide.  When our catch-all “drawers” are jerked open with all in full view, He does not judge and condemn us, but instead stands ready to love, comfort, and forgive.
     So what are you waiting for.  Yank open your  personal “drawer” and get started!  It may be quite full and require some time and attention, but it will be worth every second. This will be time spent with your Heavenly Father as you seek the proper place for all that you have hidden from others and even yourself because the pain of exposure could be so painful.  Who better to share company with as you seek guidance and healing!
     Sure, you have a busy life and it may seem you don’t have the time.  Not true. Satan wants you to believe that “drawer” would be best left unopened, that time doesn’t allow.  It is there you will be left caught in his snare, dragging your burdens around with you day in and day out. No wonder we are so tired all the time. No time like the present!  Get started and shake Satan’s hold of fear over you as God helps you boldly approach the contents of your “drawer.”
     I am praying for you now as I literally go to clean out the drawers I swept the items on my counter tops into at the last minute!  God bless and to God be the glory!

** The picture above has nothing to do with this blog entry.  Just wanted to show off my beautiful children!


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