The Little Things

     Since my last post, the earth has manifest itself in all matter of color.  Our unprecedented, early spring, which practically began in late February, has forced the early blooming flowers and the budding of trees. Color abounds and my camera is in use daily. My wait for color and signs of new life was not near as long as expected. Butterflies are once again in flight!! You know how I love my butterflies The birds fill the air with song. Spring gets me back outside and inspires me so.
     Of late, my sights have been set upon photographing a bluebird.  Quite a few have weathered the winter in our back yard.  Skittish little things they are, but what a joy to behold.  Only God could have spoken into existence that beautiful shade of blue with which they are feathered.  Many attempts at pictures have been made, but with the turn of the doorknob to line up my picture, they take flight.
     Things have been a bit intense in the Cresswell household the past month or so. “Stuff” has plagued us nonstop, but I can only praise God for the evidence of His presence and provision with each passing day and situation. However, I found myself worn down in the process, feeling the need for something to lighten the load and bring a smile to my face…just a little something.  I did not want, need nor could afford a trip “away from it all.” I asked God for just one thing, and that request was for a picture of the ever elusive bluebird to add to my collection of photographs.
     The photo above is testimony to how God answers even our small, seemingly insignificant requests. And because God is so good, he provided me with an opportunity to capture a picture of not one, but a pair of bluebirds which now occupy the new bluebird house in our backyard. I was giddy as the smile on my lips turned into words of praise and thanks for the little “happy” God gave me.
     Sometimes God speaks the loudest in the smallest of things.  The message of His love for us, His children, is so clear and evident.  That the God of the universe had taken time to hear and give me this gift brought life and light to my weary being. I was reminded of how intimately He knows me and wants me to know Him,
     God will do the same for you. He has no “favorites” among His children.  You have but to ask, remembering that He delights in giving gifts to His children because He loves us. Jesus said,”Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.” John 16:24
    What is it, no matter how small, that you would like to request of God? He is but a prayer away.  He knit you together in your mother’s womb.  God already knows your wants and desires.  Maybe He is just waiting for you to draw close to Him and ask. Think about it. What will be your “bluebird.” Go ahead, it’s your turn now! 
To God be the glory! 

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