Rub Off on Someone

     Color, color everywhere and I was standing right in the middle of it finding joy at the sight.  The beautiful Spring weather had me venturing out to one of our local garden centers filled with flowering plants and some butterflies I might add. There was a rainbow of color to walk through as I looked at some of my old favorites and was introduced to some unique flowers I had never before seen.
     Every year without fail I chose a couple of beautiful hibiscus plants to bring home to adorn my patio. As I was inspecting this year’s possible candidates, pollen from the long, protruding stamen planted itself on my shirt.  Thinking it would brush easily away, I tried to remove the yellow stain from my white (of course) shirt.  That was a no go!  I had been branded.
     This all brought to mind the saying of “rubbing off on someone.”  Now I know that this saying can go both ways, but today we are going to land on the positive side of it.
When was the last time that you walked out of church into the world and and rubbed the Spirit of Jesus off on someone?  As it was obvious with me and the hibiscus you have to come into close contact for this to happen.
     Do we take time in our daily lives to slow down enough to notice or get close enough to come in direct contact with people who need Jesus. The love of Jesus and the story of His salvation, forgiveness, and freedom will not jump off of us as we pass by them in our usual daily frenzy.
     I challenge you today to ask Jesus to open your eyes to someone you can spiritually “rub off on.” Someone with whom you can share Jesus. Be sensitive and attentive to His still small voice as you walk through the day. And realize you will have to sacrifice some of what you may have planned for the day to succeed in achieving a close enough contact to make a difference…a small sacrifice compared to that of Jesus on the cross.
     There will not be a visible stain left as there was for me with the hibiscus. There will, however, be an invisible covering of the blood of Jesus that will not and cannot be washed away if we share our precious Savior with them. So there now!  Go out and “rub off” the cleansing blood of Jesus on someone today.

But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowshipwith one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanse us from all sin. (1 John 1:7)

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