True Worship

     Today is a Monday, and, even though it is a Monday, God has created quite a gorgeous day.  Hard to be upset about it at all!  The sun is shining, there is a gentle breeze and the birds are singing and enjoying every minute of it all as should we.  I missed church on Sunday due to having “the crud,” and feel a bit saddened over that.  It is always so awesome to worship through word and song in the presence of God with other believers.  However, my understanding of “worship” was recently shaped by this quote from Louie Giglio:

“If our worship isn’t visible and extravagant, the gospel we heard must be tiny, empty and cheap.”

     What I pray for myself and those in attendance at any church is more than just a routine Sunday attendance to be followed by lunch out and a Sunday afternoon nap. My prayer is that our worship become the “visible and extravagant” kind that catches God’s attention, that exudes true love and praise as we celebrate His love and salvation for us. Why should that even require effort? Maybe because that is  the only time we give God that much of our conscious thought, and we have very little practice at doing it. . How sad is that when viewed in light of His gospel for us which is far from “tiny, empty and cheap.”
     I challenge you this week to spend time with God in His word and listen as he speaks to you. Make time and room for him to become more real in your heart and not just in your head.  Begin to prepare yourself for heartfelt, daily Louie Giglio defined worship that accompanies you into your corporate Sunday worship.
     When our worship is “visible,” whether it presents itself as a smile of peace, a life lived in joy despite circumstances, an upraised hand or eyes closed in reverence, people notice, ask questions and opportunities to share what God means to you are made available. He deserves nothing less than the time it takes in our lives to truly come to an understanding of all that He is, has done, and continually does for us each day we live. Get started today!  To God be the Glory!


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