Nurturing Weeds?

      As the cold days of winter give way to the warmth of spring, the sight of color returning to the earth in the form of green leaves, grass, and flowers always lifts my spirits.  Gone are the long, dark, drab days spent inside.  Time to get off the couch and to the nearest garden center where you can pick and choose the colors that will bring you most joy when brought into flower beds and empty pots of all sizes at your home. 
     For years now one of my “go to” plants purchased each year is called rose moss or portulaca.  Why this paticular one?  The Southern summers have become increasingly hotter, and these plants can withstand the heat, produce beautiful flowers, and flourish even in drought conditions without much fuss.
     As this was the first spring in our new abode, surprises have abounded.  Lilies of varying varieties and colors along with other perennials have erupted from the hard red clay in our flower beds. Amongst it all, I saw what appeared to be shoots of rose moss reaching for the sun. There was a vague recollection that the former home owner had even mentioned their presence to me.  Delightful!  Money can become an issue with spring preparation and this easily propagated plant would mean one less purchase.  No time was wasted in filling four flower pots with the these “free plants” which were in abundant supply.
    Weeks passed, cuttings were watered and nourished, green plants grew, but no flowers of anticipated colors bloomed. It was then a guest at our home asked what potential flowers these pots held.  With my reply, a slow smile appeared on her face. After a bit of laughter on her part, she enlightened me with the knowledge that I had gone “all out” planting not rose moss but a weed looking much like it!
     This scene was regrettably applicable to seasons my own life spent sustaining what in all reality amounted to nothing more than weeds. These “weeds” in the “pots” of my life all held possibility in my mentality as I transplanted them into existence.  “Surely the Lord would agree with this venture being set into motion, this path being taken,” I thought.  However, I tarried little in asking or waiting for His answer. Failures came, disappointments followed, emptiness took up residence. There were no beautiful flowers.  These were the consequences of a life lived far from the path and purpose God had created me for.
     Upon coming to the end of myself, with roots reaching deep for God’s love and my purpose, the void was filled and transformation was evident. God, the vine dresser, pruned the weeds of my own intervention and grafted me into the true vine, Jesus. As a branch of this sacred vine, abiding in Him, the fruit of God’s purpose for my life began to blossom. The pruned weeds became dried and withered. Joy returned as I walked daily in a love relationship with my Heavenly Father! There was color in my world! (John 15:1-11)
     At this juncture, I request that you closely inspect the “fruit” of your time, interest and energy. Is there any apparent? Does joy abide and abound or do you find only weeds of emptiness?  If so, some pruning (this may hurt a little…) and grafting (this is glorious!) may be in store for your life. Who better to trust with this necessary endeavor than God and His son, Jesus, who minister to us only in love. Read the above scripture, and, in faith, ask Him to begin the process in your life.  There will no regrets. And there will be fruit…flowers… joy…peace! Sounds like a promise too awesome to refuse. What are you waiting for? To God Be the Glory!  


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