Lest You Forget

     Any time food is circulating in our kitchen is a favorite time for our dog, Max.  Of course, mealtimes are his favorite! Perhaps channeling his inner cat, he enjoys his  milk every morning at breakfast along with what he begs from us.  If you could see  the way his eyes longingly follow the food from the plate to my mouth. My restraint in feeding him has been narrowed down to “just a couple of bites.” Vets everywhere would be appalled with my behavior! I have no defense. Look at that face!
     Today, his hunger was greater than our small, morning offerings. Max was heard rooting around in his empty feeding bowl. As I delivered the requested food, Max gave me this look of disappointment.  My response to him was, “Lest you forget, you are a dog!” (Notice what awesome communication skills we have!) Obviously not hungry enough at the moment, he parted the scene, unwilling to forsake his “people status.”
     As those words left my lips it seemed as though they applied to me as well. “Forget what, Lord?” I asked. The weight of those words seemed heavier than some overlooked task needing to be recalled and performed. After a bit of pondering with nothing of importance coming to mind, I moved on, waiting to see what the day would bring and what God could be desiring me to be mindful of.
     What consumed my day the most brought me the clearest answer.  That answer had everything to do with our son, Ben, who has high functioning autism. A home visit of several days from his residential setting was coming to an end. These transitions are always a very tense time for him and for me. As his anxiety escalates so does my guilt–that bad mama kind of guilt. And for that exact reason, I had turned the day into a fine mess! Details are not what is important here. What is of substance has everything to do with God and what I was forgetting. The day was not mine to fix, control or alter. That was God’s responsibility, and He did not need me to run interference. God knew what would help Ben through this day, especially the tough parts. He already had a plan of how to bring Ben and me to the other side of these roller coaster emotions. 
     God was there reminding me (yet again!) to let go and allow Him to have total control of the day’s events. He has both mine and Ben’s best interests at heart, and He loves us so. Life can hurt so badly at times, but in the Bible we can find a multitude of promises proclaiming God’s presence, provision and strength for each situation. Dust off your Bible and see which promises He shows you for your day, your situation, your life lest you forget. There you will find peace as you let yourself “off the hook” for trying to keep the world balanced on it’s axis!
      So, that was what I had forgotten today! What about you?  Does anything come to mind? God can show you in the quiet or the chaos of the day. Be aware of His presence and His leading in your life. To God Be the Glory!

       Max and his friend Tyson. Quick! Hide the food!


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