Angel Unaware

     Recently my son, Ben, had a grand mal seizure in a very public place. Due to many years of responding to his seizures, I knew exactly what to do though it is never an easy task.  I have yet to emerge from a seizure, large or small, left unscathed, and my husband was not with me that day. That meant the situation would be more difficult because Eddy executes more than one role during the horrible happening of it all. While helping position Ben, he serves as my rock of reassurance. Ben’s seizures last anywhere from five to twenty minutes. In the moment, all I could do was pray over him, and attempt to prevent any injury. 
     One by one people began to gather around asking if they could call 911 or assist us in any way. I assured them that everything was under control. (Who was I kidding?) As the seizure began to subside and Ben drifted off into the sleep that always follows, the crowd began to disperse. All that could be done now was wait until he awakened, transport him to the car and travel home, away from the spectacle of it all.
     However, though the crowd had dwindled, I did not find myself alone.  A nurse had appeared at my side during the seizure, and she did not leave until Ben was once again alert and functioning. Despite my urging, she insisted upon staying. My resistance gave way. She exuded a calmness that spilled welcomingly over my masked anxiety. While wiping Ben’s head with a cool rag, she shared that as a nurse she primarily worked with special needs children and was fully aware of what was taking place and what needed to be done. God is good all the time!
     It was obvious in the unfolding of events that God had sent her there not just for Ben, but perhaps even more so for me.  Really, what are the chances?  With God, there are no chances, just absolutes…absolute love, absolute peace, absolute help in times of trouble, absolute presence.  Absolute presence for me became visible as a nurse who remained with both me and Ben until the crisis had past. She choose to become involved, to abandon what she was doing, to listen to God’s request, to be an angel for us that day. To her I will be forever grateful as I will be to God.  To God Be The Glory!

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