God’s Perfect Timing

     A conversation I overheard when passing two men today caused me pause.  My first thought was of my dad who is with the Lord, and the second was of me, us.  Their discussion was about baling hay, something I knew about by default since my dad raised cattle.  One had asked the other if he had finished with his hay.  The response was this,”That little bit of rain we had left a sheen on the hay, and I am afraid the it might mold.” To explain, if there is any moisture left in the grass that has been cut over, and if it is baled to early, and if the remaining moisture causes molding, the cows will not eat the hay.  All was for naught. The farmer must patiently wait for the conditions to be right and the hay completely dry. 
   There have been too many incidences to count when I have figuratively “baled the hay” in my life before it was time, God’s time.  And since the time was not right and my “hay” molded, there was with anger and distrust towards God, not to mention depression due to failures. There was no understanding why some of the things I thought would bring glory to God continued to be side railed, postponed.
     God, however, used each of my rushing missteps to draw me closer to Him.  Those failures became hard but well learned lessons about God’s plan for my life. The insistent “whys” and the idea that I was not worthy of God’s blessing ceased to ring in my head.  The only thing that changed…the sheen was off the hay and it was time, God’s time for my spiritual maturing.  God began a work in me that I had given up on ever happening because decades had passed since I became a Christian.  He walked by my side and guided me to an understanding of His love and a complete trust in that love.  Trust no matter what comes. Trust despite miscarriages, autism, chronic disease, abuse. 
     Some of the prayers that had been answered with a “no” have become a resounding “yes.”  There is true joy where only a facade had been present.  There is hope.  I can assure you that hopelessness followed me around like the cloud over Ziggy’s head in the cartoon. We are talking extremely hopeless, simply surviving.
     All of this is there for you…love, faith, trust, hope, joy.  Just get off the tractor. In His time, when the hay is truly ready for baling, God will step into the driver’s seat and begin His work in you, the work that will draw you closer to him and into a relationship like none you’ve ever known. Step away from the tractor! Be ready when it cranks up. Oh, happy day!  To God Be the Glory!


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