Pursue Your Purpose


     The rain is pouring down outside in my small Mississippi town. To some it would seem a dreary winter’s day. For me it is a time of respite and peace.  On these days life seems to be slowed down a bit.  On these days I dedicate extra time to sitting in God’s presence. Today I visited my own blog for the first time since August. Apparently after my last post, life overtook me so to say. Of course there is the usual busyness of life, but it was about more than that.


     Writing has been my very sheltered dream for most of my life.  For me it is not about being on the New York Times Best Sellers list or making a fortune with my words.  My dream is to be an instrument through which God writes to bring Himself glory, to advance His Kingdom and to leave the reader encouraged. To write a blog and test the accuracy of that dream is a scary thing. After almost three years, I made the assumption that just over 1200 hits and only 20 followers was evidence that I had failed my own test.  Perhaps writing was not God’s plan for my life. What then? The end of my lifelong dream? I became discouraged and quit. Satan had won the battle, and I was no longer a threat.  In a world filled with millions of blogs begging to be visited, quickly read Twitter messages, and Pinterest why even think I had a chance! Most of my family and friends didn’t even visit my site!

     However, since my moment of abandoning ship back in August, my blog has had 300 plus visitors, some from the United States but others from eight foreign countries from which I had never received readers. These are countries where people need to hear a word of encouragement and learn of God’s love for them.  Suddenly it was no longer about the numbers nor should it ever have been. My pride was exposed.  If seeds had been sown in one life that sent them seeking God and the wonderful gift of His Son, my dream had become reality! God had used me for what I had always felt was His purpose for my life. Praise the Lord and watch out Satan!  I am back and here to be used by God in any way He deems fit.  Thank you readers.  Pray for me as I will for you!  Do no let discouragement keep you from your God given purpose.  “God is working in you to help you want to do and be able to do what pleases Him.” (Phil. 2:13 NCV)  God bless you.  To God Be the Glory! 

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