Precious Time


     Last week was a tough one for me.  I chalked it up to getting back into the routine after Christmas, or perhaps a case of the January/February blues.  My joy seemed to be rapidly dwindling, my strength was gone, and my ability to smile was fading fast. I remained faithful in my quiet time with the Lord each morning as I sought to live in His presence and grace. Still, my get up and go had got up and went so to speak. There was a feeling of emptiness that found no explanation.
     By week’s end I was ready for a serious sit down with the Lord and the discussion began.  It was then I realized that my view of Rom. 8:28, “All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose,” was skewed. God still desires that I come to Him with my feelings, fears and failings, lay them at His feet and seek His will. Only then can we truly have a relationship that is intimate with our Heavenly Father. God is not a dictator or a puppet master. Yes, He does have a plan and it is for my good, but we are in this together in that unconditional love, father/daughter kind of way. Awesome, isn’t it?
     As I began our conversation, supressed emotions surged to the surface. However, I was also careful to listen and not just talk. We women do like to do the talking!  How else could I be comforted, encouraged and directed by His “still small voice.” One by one, I placed my concerns before Him and together we talked them over.  When our dicussion came to an end, I felt enveloped in His love with the weight of my problems no longer resting solely on me. Our relationship had become sweeter, deeper.
     The next day brought the final balm for my body.That came in the form of some much needed rest and a good nap. We physically push ourselves to the limit in our daily lives, and fatigue is often misinterpretted, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and alone. Satan jumps on those golden opportunities to bring about hopelessness and stress which are exacerbated both mentally and physically. Do not give Satan the victory! Be aware of your limits and that you do have them.  Reprioritize your life and schedule. Make room for God and time for yourself. These two things should be protected at all cost.  Only then can we be fully prepared for what tomorrow brings. Focus on rest and relationship!  To God Be the Glory!


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