Inability to sleep was the cause of my rising early this morning.  After tossing and turning, some prayer and one on one time with God, sleep still eluded me. It was nearing sunrise, so I decided to get up and view God’s new daily masterpiece. With time to spare before daylight, I measured up the daily portion of corn to be fed to the ducks on the lake behind our house. They would be surprised by this early arrival of breakfast.  Usually they summon me each morning with a cacophony of quacking as they waddle up the bank and anticipate the delivery.
     God has blessings placed inside of each day for us. The trick to finding them is to be on watch.The first blessing of my day came as I stepped into the grass, walking toward the edge of the lake.  The frigid overnight temperatures had caused a hard frost.  The pink tinged sky peeking through the tree tops was just beginning to show evidence of dawn. I looked down as my feet crunched through the grass. There it was! My first blessing of the day and perhaps the reason I was literally up at the crack of dawn. 
     The frost on the grass in that particular light of day looked as though God had spread a million tiny diamonds virtually everywhere.  Never had any frost I have seen on the ground left me with this impression.  It was an incredible sight. I turned a complete circle, soaking up as much of the shining scenery as I could to commit to my memory bank of pictures. My rising early had put me in just the right place, in just the right light, at just the right time. I am still smiling!  
     My challenge for you today is to be sensitive enough to the presence of God that you don’t overlook the blessings He has put in your path. Those blessings are there to encourage, put a spring in your step, and a smile in your heart.  With that being the case, we then can spill the joy of our blessings over into the lives of others. Pass it on! “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it,” Psalm 118:24. To God Be the Glory!


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