Picky Eaters

     The sun is shining today and the temperatures outside are coaxing us into believing that Spring has already sprung despite the fact that it is only February. I pause at the window for a moment to see if the warm weather has brought any new species of birds to our feeders. I was delighted to see the first yellow finch of the year, another swatch of color returning to the landscape. However, he had taken on the habits of our other feeding birds of late. He was steadily throwing food out of the feeder until he found the seed he wanted to feed on. We had noticed that this was becoming standard procedure for our birds since we had switched from a premium bird seed to one that was less costly. There was more discarded seed on the ground than there was left in the feeders. We had developed a flock of picky eaters!

     When you think about it, we are surrounded by picky eaters everyday. When we look in the mirror we most likely see one. The kind of picky eater I am talking about is in reference to God’s word, His infallible, inherent Word, that today stands unchanged from the day it was written as our map of morals, choices, examples, commandments, and path to salvation in Christ. Just as Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, so are His inspired words in the Bible as relevant today as they have ever been.
     My husband, Eddy, and I were challenged to relay this concept to a group of teenagers when asked to talk to them about dating. Surely they wondered why two dinosaurs married almost thirty-two years could have anything of value to say to them. We spoke of then and they are living in the now. Things have changed! And that stark contrast is confirmed as they view television, hear the news, and watch the examples we are setting. Recently, the news has reported of those who tout that the Constitution of the United States is outdated and no longer applicable to our present society. They cry out that the religious beliefs on which our country was founded are too archaic to adhere to anymore. There it is again! That was then. This is now.
     II Timothy 2:15 (NIV) says this, “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word the of truth.” No need for a sermon here, just a few questions.  Are you correctly handling the “word of truth” in your life, living by it, adhering to it?  Are you as familiar with God’s word as you are your Facebook or Twitter account? Do you hold The Bible up against situations in your life to seek Godly answers or avoid it because you know what it says? Do you pick and choose the parts of your God’s word you will apply to your life? Are you satisfied living your life mostly identified with the standard of the world and the chaos it evokes, or will you trade for a life committed to Christ and march to the beat of a different drummer.

      Though friends may desert you and life may get tough, you are never alone.  Christ is always present , and His blessings will flow when living a life walked closely by His side. So don’t waste time like the birds on my feeder, picking and choosing.  Oh, the joy and peace you will find as you feast on God’s word and and dedicate yourself to its application in your life. Live a life that is the exception, not today’s norm!  Bless you as your submit your life to Christ so that He may accomplish this in you through His strength and power. To God Be the Glory!  

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