The Cheese Stands Alone

     Today there is one lone goose on the bank of our small lake.  He holds his head so very high and stately, a beautiful graceful creation of God. He is quite the vociferous one, honking loudly enough to wake up the neighborhood when he has an opinion on things. The duck regulars don’t quite know what to think of this invasion of their turf.  Mostly afraid, they keep their distance and permit the goose access to the cracked corn instead of defending it.  At times it appears as though the goose in his lonesome state is trying to interact with the ducks, swimming close by, splashing them playfully with no response.
     Quite possibly the goose has nothing of the sort that I have mentioned on his mind. Perhaps he is enjoying some peace and quiet away from all  his loudly honking brothers, but he kept catching my eye. Eventually, I was reminded of a childhood singing game from years past, maybe too many years for some of you to remember. The song was The Farmer In the Dell. The object of the game was not to be the last one standing alone in the circle, left behind. Remember this part,”The cheese stands alone?” Then, of course, there was Red Rover, Red Rover! Always despairing to be the last one called over in that game as well. Childhood games can be a bit brutal when you think back.  Speaking for myself, those games had the potential to contribute to your assessment of where you stood in the oh so early popularity scale.  Can anyone relate?
     The feeling that these situations evoked in my life were those of being very alone and even too different to be accepted. Couple this with my parents very nasty small town divorce in the 1960’s, and you can see why this wasn’t a stretch for me. Loneliness is an emotion we all experience. You can probably think up your own list of causative factors for loneliness in your life with very little effort.  But what I think this goose came to remind me is that I am never unaccompanied.  Because of my relationship with Jesus Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in me, I am escorted by that presence each day I live, every step I take.
     I would be remiss if I omitted the fact that this same relationship that I so cherish can likewise leave me in that “cheese stands alone” position. We live in a world where people now make their own rules, fabricate, their own morals, and have little concern for those around them.  Godly lives, Godly actions and Godly direction is way off their grid. A relationship with God and living for Him often leaves you in the minority, and you stand out as being different, feeling alone.
     Let me reinforce that as Christians we are never alone, just as Jesus testified to the Pharisees in John 8:16,29.  “…I am not alone. I stand with the Father, who sent me. The one who sent me is with me; he has not left me alone, for I always do what pleases Him.” When Jesus endured forty days in the desert tempted by Satan, He was not alone. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus was not alone. On the cross at Calvary, He was not alone.  Not one day of His ministry was He alone.  Despised and rejected by man? Yes, But not alone!

     What am I then if not alone? I am like this goose behind my house who is honking himself hoarse if geese can do that! I am here standing with my Heavenly Father “honking loudly” to share the message of Jesus Christ to a world which is so alone because they are leaving Him behind. Won’t you join me! To God Be the Glory!!

FYI:  I began writing this post three days ago. My goose guest still lingers!

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