God’s Waiting Room

   Hello to all, especially those of you in Russia and Germany.  How humbled I am that God might use the words He gives me to be read in countries so distant.  God’s blessings on you all!  Sorry for the gap in blog posts. God as the potter has been doing some molding of the clay that is my life. Some of that molding has brought on a grieving experience through which He is faithfully walking me. He has called me to let go of something that has been a ministry opportunity in my life for many years.  Now I am in a period of waiting to see where His hand will guide me next, or am I?  In a misguided attempt to help this process along, I have literally exhausted myself physically and emotionally.  When I am exhausted, my joy begins to wane and my hope soon follows. Then I find myself exactly where Satan is most pleased…shut down.

     I should have seen it coming.  God’s answers come according to His timetable, not mine. This truth has been repeatedly and lovingly brought to my attention. My time and energy have been misdirected in attempting to squeeze myself into a variety of  ministry opportunities that were not the right fit for me. Each ministry was equally important to the advancing of God’s kingdom as the other, but none of them were part of God’s “next steps” for me. He alone holds the road map for my life, and I blindly took over the steering wheel.
     However noble my intentions had been, the truth is that I had tried to circumvent God. Once again I am being taught patience in the waiting room of life where perhaps God has placed me for a time of healing and rest that should be embraced, not ignored, as He readies me for our next adventure. How like a disgruntled patient I have been, repeatedly reminding the receptionist of how long my wait has been and that my time is valuable. Why I have things to do for God! Sounds silly from that perspective but a precise analogy of my actions.
     As I write this post, I hold up to God my most treasured dream, that of being used by Him to write words of encouragement and love in sharing the Gospel of Christ. I do not know if this is His direction for me, but I am here again seeking His will.  He has painstakingly taught me that “numbers” are not a part of His plan.  Days often go by without anyone logging on to this sight. On those days, I doubt my ability and if this where God plans to use me.  He is, however, teaching me that if I were to only write for an audience of one that number is sufficient. It is not about me and ALL about Him.

     My hands are held open before Him as I write these words and seek to receive His power and direction. Thanks for reading as I have bared my soul. My joy begins to resurface as I type this. Please pray for me as I do for you and, if at all possible, learn from my mistakes.  Remember that “All things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)
This is my life verse to which I cling as I grieve a loss and wait expectantly for the exceedingly, abundant “good” God has in store. Let’s share that path with God in the lead.  To God Be the Glory!

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