Far From Home, But Not Alone

     This morning as I watched birds of all varieties filter into my yard to begin their morning feeding routine, one bird stood out among the crowd.  Unable to identify him, I reached for my trusty paperback book entitled Guide to Birds. A quick search led me to the page precisely picturing the newcomer to my backyard. Without doubt this new beauty was a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak. Hang with me a moment before assuming I am about to go into a crazy “bird lady” rant. There is just one thing I want to share with you about this bird.  He is native to the western Untied Sates not the Deep South where I live. That is why he stood out in the crowd.  That is why he was alone. 

     As Christians making a stand for Christ in this world, we can somewhat share the situation in which this exquisite creation of God finds himself.  He is far from his intended native environment. We, too, find ourselves in a like predicament. This world is not our home, we are just passing through.  Allow me to quote Laura Story from her book What If Your Blessings Come Through Raindrops.  “We have a blessed hope: that we will spend eternity with our Father in heaven. But until then, we remain strangers and foreigners here on the earth, reminded constantly of the bittersweet truth that we are not yet home.” We have a hope and a future beyond the constraints of this fallen world!  Praise God!
     Secondly, this Rose-Breasted Grosbeak was the only one of its kind among all the other birds present.  Hopefully we, too, stand out in the crowd– a child of God, a testimony of His love, a light in a dark world. But unlike this bird we are never alone though Satan tries to convince us otherwise in our darkest of times. We are accompanied by the presence of God without fail. “I am not alone, because the Father is with me.” (John 16:32)    
      Amazing how God can use an out of place bird to speak to me.Or perhaps this little fellow was at just the right place at just the right time.  Look around and see what the Father may be using in your everyday life to speak to you. Seek Him and you will surely find Him. Listen to what He has to say to you today.  His voice may be heard in nature, a rush hour traffic jam, or the smile of a child. Oh, how He loves you!  To God Be the Glory!


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