The Object of your Obsession

     My son, Ben is home for the Memorial Day weekend holiday.  In the days prior to his arrival, phone calls made it quite obvious the he had an agenda planned for his visit.  An agenda for Ben, because of his autism, insidiously morphs itself into an obsession.  Any attempt to temper his determination is fruitless, though we have tried for all his years to do so. Though harmless, the excess of his obsession lends itself to a teaching moment that he cannot grasp. In his younger years, objects of fascination included balls, marbles, and flashlights. Presently, his desire to collect CD’s is the focus — a purchase of ten at one time which he may or may not open for two months. These were bought with money he had worked to earn in hopes of making the experience a learning one. His anger at our attempts to sway him were washed away as he was able to physically exit the store with what had preoccupied his thoughts for weeks. He was happy as a lark, freed at last from the torture caused by his desire. This procurement will give him peace for the moment, until something else captures his attention with the same fervor. The cycle is never ending.
     My prayer has been that our son could direct that determined mindset in a positive, meaningful direction–one that might further his life or the life of others. His tenacity calls upon me to inspect my own, especially in my Christian life.  Oh, to have that amount of unswerving dedication to the cause of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to be so consumed by His love and the sharing of my salvation with others. There would be no angst, only joy in achieving my heart’s desire, hopefully in a cycle that is never ending in a positive light.
     What is the object of your obsession? Is furthering God’s kingdom
anywhere towards the top of your list?  On your list at all?  Ben is unable to comprehend the temporary nature of the objects of his affection. This is not the case for us, yet we often persist in the acquisition of much the same– things with no eternal value. Think on these things as you look over your own life. Strive for what truly makes a difference in life — your relationship with the Lord, your family, the world around you. What joy awaits you there, not the walking out of Walmart with ten CD’s kind of joy.  We are talking about the joy that lasts, spills over onto others, that fills the void in our hearts never leaving us searching for fulfillment in the things of this world. To God Be the glory!

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