Remember to Imagine

     On Sunday morning, Heaven rejoiced at the homecoming of a saint whom I have known the better part of my years. Dewey Sanford was a quiet but Godly man and this was reflected in his home going service this week. I have never attended a service more focused on sharing the gospel  of Jesus Christ and the hope of eternity heaven. “I Can Only Imagine” was played at the beginning of what I would refer to as a worship service. As I grieved for this precious family my thoughts transcended to heaven celebrating Mr. Sanford’s recent arrival, imagining myself what joy awaits us in the presence of the Lord! He is with Jesus now and what he must be seeing as he makes his way around heaven.

     By profession, this man was a photographer who had chronicled many momentous occasions in my life from my high school years, to my wedding, to the first professional pictures of my newborn son, to high school reunions. He was nothing short of an artist. Assisted by his wife, Patricia, they were a team at every photo shoot. Oh, to have his eye, his ability with a camera in hand. 

     With a God given gift to see and capture beauty, surely he is in sensory overload as he experiences the absolute beauty of heaven, all the colors, but most importantly the loving face of our Lord Jesus Christ. During that service, I was reminded of how tunnel visioned I am about simply surviving each day, with little energy to spare, and very little thought of the joy that awaits me in heaven. I fail to remember that there is so much more to life than this earthly stint of existence. I forget to “imagine” and anticipate, and find solace in eternity.
    People, for those of us who know the Lord, this world with its trials, and sickness, and pain, and disappointment is not where it all ends for us. This world is a spring board into heaven. As you listen to this song, be encouraged, be hopeful, be active in sharing God’s love with those around you so that they, too, can begin to imagine. And most importantly, don’t forget to IMAGINE yourself! To God Be the Glory!     (Please remember the family in prayer.)

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