In Need of a Tune-Up?

     As I traveled the interstate roadways on route to and from my day’s destination, a scene continued to repeat itself. There were vehicles on the side of the road that had ceased to function for one reason or another. The overriding constant was they had all seemingly broken down just shy of an exit providing the much needed help whether it be a gas station, or mechanic, etc. For a moment, I imagined myself being that car, that motorist stranded in the summer heat so close to the oasis needed.
   No doubt, some of the cars had simply run out of gas, a scenario to which we can all relate. We find ourselves overrun with tasks and activities of our own design and before you know it our “get up and go has got up and went!” Even the fumes we were positive could sustain us have evaporated. Time was never taken and attention never paid to the gas pump indicator on our dashboard trying to save us from our fate. Opportunities to spend time with the Lord, to refuel our pumps, to seek His direction for our lives were ignored. We whizzed by God’s 24 hour full serve filling station because we were too busy to stop. We missed His filling, His provision enabling us to reach the destination He had mapped out for us. We miss the blessing of arriving at that destination.
     Take this time to pause, take a deep breath, and look closely at the dashboard of your life.  What indicator lights are flashing, attempting to warn you of an imminent “broken down on the side of the road” situation. Is your battery running low?  Get those cables out of the trunk (or your Bible off the shelf) and connect to Jesus for a much needed recharge. Sure, you don’t think you have time because every moment is already filled with things of your own choosing.  Maybe it’s time to look closely at your priorities, make the time for a long overdue life tune-up. Sometimes we have to stop, people!  Life is not about having every moment filled with activity to justify our existence.  Life is about being filled with the presence of Jesus through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
     As you turn the metaphoric vehicle that is your life over to the master mechanic, sit down and take a breath, have some coffee and relish in the time you will have to visit with the Almighty as He makes the necessary adjustments for your life’s journey.  And though you will be tempted to visit old habits, remember you can only make it so far visiting self-service stations. Gas up and go with God! To God Be the Glory!

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