Outside My Own Little World

     I could not resist zooming in on this stick protruding from the small lake behind our house to photograph this turtle.  Both of my children were home over the weekend which means there is more cooking and washing of clothes to be done. The work week had been particularly hectic.  I was a bit envious of that turtle having a quiet moment all to himself. My mind is forever in gear, always has been.
     This turtle brought to mind a song that I will share with you in the link below. It is entitled “In My Own Little World.”  The words remind me that God’s purpose for me in this life extends far beyond my needs for quiet and self indulgence being met.  Granted we are called to spend quiet moments alone with our Lord as we praise Him, grow in our relationship, and listen for direction through His still small voice. Those moments are gloriously blessed with peace, but we can’t camp out there forever. We must move from there to fulfilling our God given purpose in life which usually has nothing to to with me and everything to do with ministering to others.We have become such a selfish, self-focused society, absorbed only in our own well being. Please listen to the words of this song and see if the population in your world can grow far beyond “population me.”   See the bigger picture! To God Be the Glory!

                                  (This is worth enduring the short commercial)
                                     * Matthew West  My Own Little World *   

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