Insights from God in a Field of Sunflowers (Part 5)


    The more I learn about sunflowers, the more I become aware that God is so apparent in the details. The traditional image we have of the sunflower–a large single flower crowning a tall stem–is not 100 percent accurate. What we consider to be the yellow petals of the flower are actually leaves which serve the purpose of protection for the brown center of the plant where the true flowers are located–an aggregation of up to 1,000 flowers referred to as florets which are arranged in a spiral pattern. The picture to your left gives you a close up view.

     Further proof that we have a God of infinite detail lies in the fact that the florets in the center of the flower grow in a concentric spiral pattern at an angle of 137.5 degrees which produces the most efficient packing of seeds within the flower head. Scientific equations have been even formulated based on this fact! Wow! 
     Surely most sunflowers that are painted, chosen for arrangements, and photographed display the most flawless, bright yellow leaves with little attention to the brown center the of the plant. It fascinates me that what we perceive to be the most beautiful part of the sunflower is not where the fruit is actually produced. And from this observation comes my God given inspiration with a question for us all. Do we, myself included, spend too much time preening our bright yellow leaves in order to be more eye catching, more popular, held in higher esteem due to our beauty? Are we forgetting that there is work to be done in God’s kingdom and just as certainly as he has placed each floret in the head of the flower in a specific angle with a job to do, he has divinely placed you on this earth with a purpose in mind? Often times this purpose takes you away from the beautiful people, from focusing on our own beauty, from being the prettiest flower in the field.
     Can we be at peace living for God, doing His will while being a part of the brown center which is usually not the focus of the plant but where its purpose is lived out, that of producing fruit? If God’s purpose for you is a quiet, behind the scenes pursuit of reaching others, could you be content with that, living and working for an audience of one, the One, without the accolades and recognition that the “bright yellow” leaves acquire. Let me assure you that little is much if God is in it and your reward is not found here on earth but in heaven when He says to you, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” (Matthew 24:21) Never hesitate to be used by God in the most obscure of opportunities. So what if you do not gain the world’s recognition. You have most certainly gained heaven’s applause. What else really matters! Mother Teresa said this, “Don’t look for big things. Just do small things with great love.” There is most definitely a lesson about pride to be learned in all of this. Remember, how beautiful and precious you are in His sight. To God Be the Glory!

 *Pictured in the field of sunflowers are my all grown up children!


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