Giving Thanks In ALL Things

     The most awesome occurrence happened just outside my home yesterday afternoon.  It was, as a matter of fact, an answer to a small, inconsequential prayer I have prayed over the course of the summer. And I was ecstatic!  I happened to step outside of my house at the perfect time to see the rainbow for which I have been asking.  The funny thing was that I already had my camera in hand en route to shoot some pictures. The lens cover was quickly removed and the rainbow photo session began.  Past attempts have taught me that rainbows have a knack for disappearing as quickly as they appear. I frantically snapped pictures for a few minutes and then slowed down realizing that it was not vanishing but growing ultimately into a double rainbow. Smiling, I praised God for answers to little prayers, feeling as though this rainbow had been crafted and placed in the sky solely for me as it rested over our house. Don’t forget to ask God for the little things and be sure to praise Him!
     Exactly one week ago my praises involved a polar opposite situation of a serious note.  My son Ben had one of his frequent grand mal seizures and badly injured his face and forehead in the fall. As we wiped away the blood and placed ice on the extreme swelling, I gave
thanks. This ability has been a very long time in the making.  It has come after hundreds of “Why, God?” moments when prayers prayed far and wide for my son have brought no end to these gut wrenching seizures. That day I said thank you because this injury would not have us rushing to an emergency room as others had.  We could handle it at home. Thank you, Lord.  I happened to be standing five feet away from him so immediate attention saved further injury. Thank you, Lord. My husband was at home and by my side. Thank you, Lord.
     “In everything give thanks: for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18)
Understanding and living out this verse has taken me on a long journey ending at the doorstep of God’s all sufficient grace. Praise is possible in the best and worst of times, but a choice must be made. Abiding in Jesus, knowing of His great love for you, and standing on the promises you learn through the study of God’s word will help you make the right choice. Through this your faith will become exponentially stronger. It is then you will be more prepared to move your focus from the situation which attempts to overtake you to a focus on His presence in the situation. That alone is cause for praise. For that I was most thankful during and after Ben’s seizure.
     In closing, allow me to share this quote from Charles Spurgeon.  “No one ever worshiped God with His whole heart unless he worshiped him with a broken heart: and there never was a heart that was truly broken that did not thereby become a whole heart.” Read that again and really think about it.  Today I thank God for the broken heart that has been instrumental in the shaping of my whole heart.  Today I thank God for rainbows, double rainbows, and for His sustaining presence and grace through the worst of seizures. Interesting how rainbows so often follow storms! To God Be the Glory!

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