IMG_1362     Tomorrow, I will be picking my son, Ben, up for a home visit.  For those of you who don’t know, Ben, who is now 26, has high functioning Autism and lives in a supervised group home about one hour from our house.  Tomorrow will prove to be a challenge for him.  Our usual bi-monthly home visits always follow this very definite routine. I arrive by 10:00 a.m. to pick him up with two sausage McGriddles and a container of milk awaiting him in the car.  We are home and unpacked in time for me to prepare two grilled cheese sandwiches with pretzels on the side, and we always have Domino’s pizza that first night home. (Don’t judge me on nutrition, please!)

Tomorrow, I will not be able to pick Ben up until well into the afternoon, and that alone could jeopardize the entire five day stay. His need for routine and the security he derives from it are vital to his behavior and ability to enjoy even the simplest of things.  The delicate balance that keeps him internally on edge also keeps me on edge when he is home because I so want for us to enjoy our visit. I pray even now that the changes awaiting him will not cost him and the family an enjoyable time together.

To some extent we all thrive best in the safety of our routines.  We feel we have some control and know what to expect for better or for worse. Worse has come for our nation these last nine days as our nation’s government has shut down and there is much apprehension about an upcoming vote to extend the debt ceiling. Our “tomorrows” for these days have not been routine which leaves us feeling much like Ben…on edge, unsure.

However, none of this has surprised God. (My husband often says that!)  Perhaps times such as these are reality checks for us all.  How much of our outlook on tomorrow will be based on our ability to control life’s situations, our routine or lack thereof.  What if we don’t start the day with McGriddles and end with pizza? Where then does true security lie?

Where it always has, of course, in our Lord, Jesus Christ, who is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. (Hebrews 13:8) Our true security lies in His salvation, His promises, His presence, His unconditional love, His home for us in heaven for eternity. Our tomorrows are much easier to face, especially when they seem uncertain, when we hold fast to these truths. Walk into your tomorrow with Jesus by your side, holding you by your right hand. (Isaiah 41:13)  Pray for our country and those who lead our great nation. Pray that as Americans we would return to God. Pray that God will place someone in your path for you to share this good news with…tomorrow! To God Be the Glory!


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