Hanging By a Thread

IMG_1549       I first noticed this dead leaf hanging by a thread of spider web nine days ago.  Today, on day nine, I was especially surprised to see that it remained despite a recent rainstorm. This picture seems strangely representative of society today.  We huff and puff our way through the day, exhausted before we even begin, running ninety to nothing as we literally are hanging by a thread with, of course, a smile on our faces.

I just want to encourage you today, this weekend to enjoy your family, your loved ones. Hopefully fall is bringing beautiful things to view as pumpkins appear, and leaves turn to shades of red and gold.  Take a deep breath and absorb it all as you view God’s handiwork. Watch a sunset, hold your spouse’s hand, hug your children. Feel His presence!

Most importantly, find some quiet moments away from everyone for alone time with God. Ask Him to order your steps and make that smile on your face more genuine. Seek His peace for your everyday lives in regard to your priorities. Take hold of His mighty hand instead of hanging on by that thread that could snap at any moment. Seek His face, His wisdom, His purpose for you.

Now…Smile! God loves you! Live in the joy and freedom which this knowledge brings. To God Be the Glory!



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