Hungry for More


Spring has sprung and with it the arrival of dozens of birds flocking to our feeder filled with sunflower seeds. Well, I should say usually filled because with the weekend came the reality that we had forgotten to buy more seeds when we emptied the last bag. The emptiness of the feeder was loudly brought to our attention upon our return from church on Sunday. Perched on our wicker patio furniture was a small grey bird peering through our kitchen window in full protest over the lack of food.  He was “cheeping” with all he had to make his message clear.  Due to this tiny bird’s insistence, my husband headed to town to buy a new bag of seeds and filled the feeders in hopes of pacifying this messenger of need.                                              

However, the story does not end here!  While we were eating lunch, this same little fellow reappeared holding a seed in his mouth, repeating his now familiar vociferous act, still peering in at us as if he had yet to be satisfied. And the story continued as the “cheeping” disrupted a Bible study in our home that evening and awakened me with the rising of the sun this morning.  There was no “quiet” or “alone” time with God this morning because of this small bird’s loud presence, but finally I heard his message.

Though it seemed this bird’s needs had been provided, he still wanted more.  He was not satisfied even when holding the food we thought he craved in his mouth. He wanted and still wants more. What about us who know God?  Will we be content with what we heard during an hour long service on Sunday as our sustenance for the week or will we want moremore of God, a deeper relationship, basking in His continual presence and love, resting in his peace. I want to be like this persistent little bird, while feeding on what I heard Sunday, I want to desire more even though I have been fed. I want to live my life hungry for more because God’s word and His promises testify to a gracious abundance of “more” that we never tap into, a filling of the Holy Spirit that we never fully experience.

My challenge for you and my petition to God for myself is to be hungry for more of God, not settling for an existing, status quo relationship any longer. Be like my new little friend….persistent! Don’t settle! Pursue God. Pursue holiness. You will be blessed even as this little bird has blessed me with its message! Then you can bless others! Watch and see. Happy Spring! To God Be the Glory!

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