Exceedingly Abundantly!

exceedingl abundantly   For some time now, I have been clinging to the words of this verse in Ephesians.  2014 has been a difficult year for the our family, and I have felt the need for a dose “exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think” to happen in our lives. The request held no specificity for I have learned to focus my prayers on God’s will for my life, a lesson learned the hard way through times when I attempted to control the reins. Then with a phone call God began the process of our “exceedingly abundantly!”

For the last five years, our son, Ben, who has high functioning autism has lived in a group home with nine other residents. Over the past two years, he has had his heart set on advancing to a higher level of independence in a group home with fewer residents.  When he would become agitated about his situation not changing, our response was always the same…God would provide this opportunity in His perfect timing. Until then, we  would wait and pray. That phone call was the beginning of the answer to our prayers as we received word of a four bed group home being opened in the town in which we live! Now that, my friend, is the essence of Ephesians 3:20.

There are multiple miracles being performed here.  First, this opportunity became available despite long wait lists for these openings. Second, Ben was one of many candidates being considered for this new home, and he was chosen. Third, this home is ten minutes from our family home, and we can see Ben any time we want.  He can go to church with us!  We don’t have to constantly make long drives to see him and transport him back and forth for visits at our home. Can you say exceedingly abundantly?

There have been challenges placed before us in the wake of this transition.  Consistency of routine are crucial for Ben, and his world has been met with a multitude changes which lead to behavior issues.  He misses his friends, but is slowly making new ones. He is in the process of developing a new normal in his daily routines. His first few days there were met with two seizures, one leading to a 911 call , but he was not seriously injured.  In all this, God is still good, and we praise him for what He has done and will continue to do in Ben’s march toward independence and maturity.

As I share this testimony of what God is doing in our lives, I want to encourage you. The promise of Ephesians 3:20 is there for the claiming. God, in His time frame, has no less for you as you seek His will and walk daily in His presence.  When you least expect it, he will shower you with the blessings of exceeding abundantly as it pertains to your life.  Be patient, be faithful, and be thankful. May God bless you! To God Be the Glory!

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