Under His Wings

IMG_2655     Sixteen!  You can enlarge the picture and count for yourself!  Bless her heart, this mama duck hatched sixteen ducklings. It was a God moment for me sent at the height of much frustration and anxiety.  God knew that I needed a distraction from my misguided focus, that I needed to take a breath and smile.  If you have become acquainted with me through past blogs, you already know that it took me approximately .2 seconds to grab my camera and start taking pictures after my husband informed me of his discovery.  In truth, I had to take photos to enable me to obtain an accurate count due to their clustered movement together.

Reluctantly, I returned to work after spending my lunch hour “duck watching.”  That evening as dark approached, I watched as a prayer I had spoken the night before was illustrated before my eyes. On that night, I realized that a bevy of situations beyond my control had all but engulfed my thoughts and emotions.  My petition that night was Psalm 91:4 which says, “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”


Please allow me to describe what I witnessed at day’s end of the new family’s arrival.  The mama duck rested on the bank of the lake settling in for the night as one by one the ducklings, all sixteen of them, disappeared under the shelter and protection of her wings.  It was amazing to watch as her wings kept extending to include each of her offspring.  A new onlooker would never have guessed her secret.

God in His infinite love and power had orchestrated my witnessing Psalm 91:4 in action. Just as these babies secured safe haven under the wings of their mother, I had found shelter and peace under my Heavenly Father’s wings, in His presence. As this mother cared for and safeguarded her young, God cares exponentially more for us…enough to send His only Son to die for my sins, for your sins so that we might find forgiveness in Him. Deep down I knew this to be true, but often when caught in the hail storms of life, fraught with problems, we become overwhelmed and forget to run for shelter. We stand there being pelted when what we need to do is run for sanctuary under God’s wings. And there is always room…room for more…room for you. Oh the peace, the love, the comfort that inhabits that hiding place!

I will close with this picture of the mother duck after all of her offspring had been tucked in for the night. For many nights, I observed as they disappeared on by one. For even more nights, I have tucked myself in under God’s wings, breathed a sigh of relief and rested there. My prayer is that you do the same.  He is faithful. To God Be the Glory!










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  1. Cindy C

    Beautifully said. God is good. Wish I could help you with struggles like you have me in the past. Reach out if you need help. God also tells us we are to be an island. Ben is in my prayers everyday as well as you, Eddy and Miriam. I can’t wait to hear more about Huntsville. I know that is a very stressful transition for you all. Love and Prayers, (I John 4:4)


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