Every Day With Jesus


Please allow me to share a recent observation.  While shopping for the next miracle wrinkle cream to hopefully restore some semblance of a youthful glow, I began to notice an advertising pattern.  The promises printed from one box to the next bottle made the choice more difficult if I chose to be swayed by the claims of outstanding results.  Amazingly, a few proffered that using their product would produce “visible results” in just one day. We live in a society that desires results-the sooner the better! A review of a new app I was about to download had a negative comment about the 15 seconds of time required to transform a photograph into a beautiful water-color picture. In a high-tech world, we crave and are granted instant gratification with little time invested.

Now let’s translate that into our relationship with Christ. I have never seen a single wrinkle of mine disappear in a day or at all for that matter. Neither have I grown in Christ, received the love, peace and fullness of His blessings when my allotted time in His presence was that of a Sunday morning worship service. Relationships are not fostered in one hour set aside each week, as wrinkles do not disappear in a day!

We tend to believe what we want to believe including that we’ve met our God quota for the week by sacrificing a Sunday morning.  I am here to testify about the life you are robbing yourself of by settling for a small dose of God’s love and presence.  There are no words to express how sweet daily walking in the presence of God can be. Time must be invested. Priorities must be realigned.  God must be honored and we must seek His face. As He guides us with His right hand, we experience the life, the purpose He had planned for us since the beginning of time.  We are never alone, being sheltered in the shadow of His wings in the roughest storms of life.  Why would we want anything less?

Here is the challenge.  Take Jesus into your Monday through Saturday life as well as Sunday. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, wrinkles don’t disappear in a day, and a relationship with Jesus must be cultivated beyond Sunday. You will be blessed.  This brings to mind an old hymn entitled, “Every Day With Jesus Is Sweeter Than the Day Before.”  Don’t miss single relationship building day with our Savior.  And don’t worry about those wrinkles.  See them only as laugh lines on your face, and SMILE!  To God Be the Glory!

photo (1)

My tulips in watercolor after a 15 second transformation on Waterlogue, an awesome app! Was that too long to wait?!





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