Take Flight!



Each morning upon exiting my home I am greeting by a cacophony of quacking from the twenty-five plus ducks inhabiting the lake behind our house. The sound of the back door closing is their cue to assemble for a daily feeding of chopped corn. On these cold winter mornings, the ducks are eager and competitive in making sure they leave with their hunger satisfied.  All was status quo until one day three weeks ago when two geese invaded their space!IMG_6568

The geese quickly became the alpha birds on the lake, possibly due to size alone. The ducks were forced to wait until the geese had eaten before being allowed to have their portion. Any attempt to join in the partaking of the corn led to an angry, honking reprimand from the geese. Thus the ducks, who clearly had squatter’s right for this location, were forced to face change…something most of us don’t take kindly to because change knocks us out of our comfort zone. I sympathized with the ducks!

Plot twist… Just as the new order had been established and the geese were enjoying their reign, two new geese appeared to challenge them for their cushy throne. I thought it poetic justice! The battle came to a head after about two days, and I arrived home from work in time to see the events play out.  I felt as though I was watching an episode of  National Geographic . The extremely loud honking as the geese circled each other in the lake was like none I had ever heard.  Then came the full on wings flailing, all out assault on each other. (Of course I had to grab my camera!)


After twenty minutes of this, the losing couple gave up and flew away, with each couple still trying to get the last word in with continued angry honking. I am not sure which couple now occupies my back yard. Can’t tell you if the victor’s are our original couple or new geese on the block. I can only say that things are much more quiet now!

Whether it be ducks, or geese or people, we all struggle at times with change.  Our routines become comfortable, predictable and seemingly under our control. We don’t grow, we don’t venture out to see what may be waiting around the next corner. And as Christians we have a promise to claim on this front.  “I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” ( Jeremiah 29:11) If we don’t embrace change and step out of our comfort zone, how will we see those plans for good that God has for us come to fruition.

Perhaps the time has come for us to quit struggling to maintain status quo and step out on faith.  Fly to the next lake, so to speak, and see if something better than chopped corn waits for us there. No more wasting energy on fighting and honking to hold on to a familiar spot on the lake that God may be moving us from, with the promise that there we will prosper, finding a hope and a future, because we are following His will for our lives.

Why not begin the journey today? Are you ready for an adventure? Stretch those wings, take flight, and see where the winds of God’s love take us! I wish you blue skies and God’s grace through the storms.  To God Be the Glory!


(Double click on pics for better clarity. Geese appear to be walking on water!)

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