A Day of God Winks



But God enjoys blessing his children and wants to bless you! “I will enjoy blessing them. With all my heart and soul I will faithfully plant them in this land.” Jeremiah 32:41 (GW)

In a previous post entitled “God Wink” I shared with you some moments that God had tailored especially for me over the course of last year. Look for it in the archives if you missed it!  Please allow me to share my most recent “God Wink Day” with you.

How often do you have someone ask you about how your day was and you answer with busy, OK, same old same old, terrible, etc?  Well, by day’s end on a Tuesday no less, I was able to answer that question with, “Awesome! This has been a great day!” Those words felt strange coming out of my mouth because my response is seldom as such.

On that day, my Heavenly Father, knowing I needed encouragement, planned a course of events throughout the day that made me feel wrapped even more tightly in His arms of love.  What I will share here will seem insignificant to you. That is because the events were meant for me and very specific to my needs and desires. Remember, God has these special moments for you, as well. Maybe you pass them off as luck or coincidence when in all actuality you are experiencing a hug from God!

The day began with a struggle to get going. Of late, fatigue associated with medical conditions has overwhelmed me. Knowing I would make it through the day only by the grace of God, I pushed forward and went to work. My dental hygiene patients are scheduled hourly. I arrived to work to find a schedule with several unfilled openings for the day. That was my first “God Wink.”

During one of my openings, I made a quick run to an antique store in our town.  My daughter, Miriam, was searching for a vintage typewriter to use as apartment decor. Those she had found were too pricey. As I walked into the door of the building my eyes were immediately drawn to a ragged black case perched on an old piano stool.  I knelt down and opened the latches on either side of the black box to find the vintage typewriter in the picture above.  With but a second’s pause, I questioned the owner about the price as I simultaneously messaged a photograph of the “beauty” to Miriam. The owner answered $30 as Miriam replied Yes! SOLD!!

The typewriter had arrived in the store a couple of hours before my visit and the owner and not had the opportunity to price it or place it on display. I was actually more excited about the “God Wink” than I was about the typewriter.  I had a smile that stretched from ear to ear as the typewriter and I entered my car!

I have kept you long enough. Without giving you all the details, I can say that God was not done blessing me that day. Two more “God Winks” occurred before day’s end. I felt so very special, so wrapped in love. Life has often left me feeling not so very exceptional, despite my knowledge of how great God’s love for me is. It was incredible to have such tangible reminders throughout the course of the day.  Keep your eyes open for God to do the same for you exactly when you need it most.  Thanks for reading. To God Be the Glory!

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