The Whiteness of Snow


IMG_5807Today,  I would like to direct you to a post entitled “White As Snow” which was originally published on January 17, 2013. In the Deep South, snow does not make many appearances. Not that I want the extreme amounts of snow being experienced across the Northeast. God bless those who live there! I am sure at this point you would be willing to share a few feet!

The picture with this post will confirm our limited snowfall that year. It was all I could do to rake together enough for that tiny snowman! I promise when you read you will understand all this talk about snow! There is also a song… I love music and I love sharing it with others. God has used music countless times to touch my heart. May this post and song touch yours. To God Be the Glory!

(The beach picture is a reminder of better days for the snow bound and those ready for warmer weather! Click once for a less fuzzy picture!)

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