Snowflakes and Curve Balls



Yesterday, I was a ten year old again–initially, a disappointed ten year old. The three to five inches of snow we had been promised was making mud puddles on the ground. However, when I had lost all hope for beautiful falling snowflakes, they began pouring from the sky with an intensity we seldom witness in Mississippi. To the tune of five plus inches they fell. The world outside was a winter wonderland. Fortunately, my husband has a four wheel drive truck. We were able to explore our snow covered town, and, of course, I took pictures…197 to be exact!

The day had been all I hoped for until we lost power at midnight. With the good comes the bad. A new day has dawned, and I write this under a pile of blankets still waiting for heat and lights. It was almost the perfect scenario! I had plans to watch the snow melt as I leisurely drank coffee, typed this post, and enjoyed being off work. Instead, the morning found us searching for the restaurant with the IMG_7092shortest line to enjoy coffee and a warm breakfast.

God’s plans for my life have taught me to flexible, to find the good even in the not so perfect scenarios. Therefore, I will not complain about the downside of our beautiful snowfall, that being the lack of power, downed trees, and broken limbs. Instead, I will embrace the beauty I have witnessed, the pictures I will always have, and the fun of watching our dog, Max experience snow.

IMG_6985Whether it be a temporary lack of electricity or something of a more serious nature, we can all use a lesson in open-mindedness that will lead us to search for blessings even in the worst of situations. Often, the blessing may rest solely in the fact that you find God and His love surrounding you and carrying you through the crisis or pain. But, what more could you ask or hope for than that when life spirals out of control…God’s presence, protection and guidance.IMG_7071

Let this be a reminder when you face the next curve ball life throws your way. Before you fall into a slump of anger, despair, and/or hopelessness, search for God in the middle of the mess. With His help, you will be able to knock that curve ball out of the park, finding victory in Him. And what does victory look like…peace, hope, healing. Satan will throw obstacles in your way to take your focus off the ball. Some are small and others are huge, to the point of overwhelming. I will be the first to say this takes practice until locking your eyes on Christ becomes a habit. If you strike out, get up and try again. Never, never quit because God never quits on you. Take a breath, be patient with yourself, and call on Him for help. He’s always going to be there. Enjoy the pictures of the God’s beautiful handiwork. To God Be the Glory!IMG_7043

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