Exposing Pain to the Light


“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:15

The beauty of the snow has melted into the slushy, muddiness that follows. The only places bearing witness of this week’s snow are the shady areas where the warmth of the sun has yet to shine, allowing it survive another day.

This observation brings to mind the cold, dark places inside of me where, not snow, but pain, disappointment, hopelessness, and guilt linger. But why do those places exist when the light of God is fully able to pierce the darkness and flood those places with light?  “TO SHINE UPON THOSE WHO SIT IN DARKNESS AND THE SHADOW OF DEATH, to guide our feet into the way of peace.” (Luke 1:79)

I must take pause and look deeply into myself to find the answers to this question. You will have to do the same because life brings to each of us different hurts and different filters for the pain we hide, pain so disabling that we attempt to bury it in the deepest parts of us hoping to stifle its power over us. We put on our mask and go to church and work as if we hold the world by the tail, giving the perception of having the perfect life and family.

Can I just tell you from experience how much energy it takes to hide  pain and keep it from bubbling to the surface as it eats away at your soul leading you to doubt God’s love, harboring anger against Him for allowing those hurts in your life.

Now what about God? The rest of the verse in John says, “but take heart! God has overcome the world.” God’s word is clear, and He has the power to take this pain from the deepest barricades of our souls. We know this in our heads but it may not have taken residence in our hearts.

Today is the day to allow the light of God to shine onto your guilt, your hurts, your loneliness. As the snow has not melted away simultaneously, this work in your heart may be a process, with the first step being to regain your trust in God despite your feelings. Rebuke Satan. He stokes that fire of mistrust and helps you stack bricks to build those barricades. Focus your energies on building your relationship with Christ instead. Read His word, The Bible. Claim His promises!

Your fear may impede this undertaking because as the walls come down you are forced to look face to face with what you’ve hidden behind them. However, with God nothing is impossible. Through the pain, His grace and mercy will be present and carry you when the load seems impossible to bear. He will hold your hand. He will sing over you.

Because there are multiple hurts in our lives, God may have us deal with one area at a time. We have to trust Him on this and give Him the freedom to flood each area with as much light and truth as needed to completely dispel the dark, to melt the snow. So, no, this may not be easy and it may take time, but how precious the peace that immerses our hearts when we finally let go and let God…how much stronger our relationship of trust in Him, to the point that hopefully we give up being builders of walls.

I write this to encourage and instruct myself as much as to encourage you.  We need not waste another day, another minute.  Let the light of Jesus pierce and overcome your darkness, melting it away. I will pray for you… To God Be the Glory!

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