God In the Storm

When I first heard of Mark Hall’s upcoming surgery for kidney cancer, I began to pray for him, his family and loved ones. My prayers for recovery and pain cessation have followed. The songs and testimonies of Mark and the Casting Crowns band members have encouraged me in my own life at such God anointed moments.     gerber daisy

I have just left a convention in the city of Atlanta, home of Mark Hall of Casting Crowns. In the middle of downtown Atlanta, I began to notice his picture appear on a changing billboard. The words accompanying this picture were those of a song by Casting Crowns entitled “I Will Praise You in This Storm.” What an awesome statement of His faith in God.

God uses all things that happen in our lives for good, even cancer. (Romans 8:28) It will be amazing to hear the songs of testimony that God will whisper to the hearts of Mark and the band as they face this “storm.” I heard today that they will be doing their first concert after the surgery on April 16th. Praise the Lord!

Please join me in prayer for continued recovery and listen closely to the words of the song referenced above. This may be the perfect time for you to hear it…God’s perfect time! I have posted this song in the past, but it warrants being repeated! To God Be the Glory!

If you have a few more moments, please listen to the story behind this song in a radio interview done by Mark Hall. Your heart will be moved!

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