The Cross Has Made You Flawless

If you have read many of my posts, you know I love the messages so clearly delivered in music and song lyrics.  Today, I am sharing my new favorite song entitled “Flawless” by Mercy Me.  I had no idea what a complement the video would be to the song.  Cried like a baby when I watched it. Autism was in the midst of the video. There was the ongoing journey with my son.IMG_2407

God’s amazing grace was not always as clear to me as it is now. I believed it for everyone else but myself. For most of my life, I have been my biggest critic, quick to judge and condemn myself for any misstep. Satan had me right where he wanted me, ineffective and feeling unworthy.  Praise God for freedom from those chains!  In the shadow of the cross, God sees me as flawless. Praise God for His unfathomable, unconditional love that never falters even when I do…often in a big way!

He feels the same way about you! God has given you the key to unlock your chains. What will you do with it? The sacrifice Jesus made releases us once and for all from the bondage of sin. Cast those chains to the side and step toward God who is waiting with arms wide open for His precious child who in His eyes is…FLAWLESS! Oh, the joy and peace that will flood your soul. Hallelujah! Enjoy the video! To God Be the Glory!

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4 thoughts on “The Cross Has Made You Flawless

  1. Anonymous

    Just now getting a chance to read this…thank you!! You are always such an inspiration for me. I love you!! Cari

  2. Debbie Sanford

    Thanks, Amy for writing this blog. I have just recently heard about it and read some from the past. You have gifted insight to relate scripture to real life.

    1. presson1 Post author

      Dear Debbie,
      Thanks so very much for reading and for your encouraging words. It is my hope and only my hope that God uses this blog to bring Him glory! Have a blessed day!


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