Which Direction Is Your Life Going?

Today, I had a four-hour round-trip drive to make by myself. Believe it or not, I enjoy this time alone in the car. Well, actually I am not alone. God and I have some awesome conversations and I am a contemporary Christian rock-star in that small space, singing along with KLOVE at the top of my lungs, praising God…often with at least one hand raised.  It’s like having a worship service on wheels.IMG_8508_edited-3

In Tupelo, MS, my destination for the day, the busiest intersection is call Crosstown. Not only do the city’s two busiest streets intersect there, but there is also a very active train crossing that traverses through the midst of it all. During my last two visits to Tupelo, I have encountered the train at the crossing while hurrying to a scheduled appointment. Should have learned my lesson the first time, right!

Were I a child I might count the cars going so very slowly past. Instead, I pull out my phone. All around me, people are turning around in the middle of the road to access another route. Not a good sign!  Finally, the end of the train is visible. I start paying attention again. Then, the craziest thing happened. The train began going backwards as slowly as it had traveled through.  What in the world! I pulled my phone back out. Needless to say, I was late for my appointment.

Sometimes our Christian life seems a bit like the journey of this train. We are experiencing a close relationship with the Lord.  We make a special efforts to walk and live in His will, holding onto His hand, seeking His face. Then, one of a million things happens that could range from a family tragedy to an over booked schedule pulling you in a dozen directions all at once.

That’s when the forward progress of our Christian walk can often take a few steps back.  We get overwhelmed or just too busy to keep our eyes on our Savior and as this train began to lose ground and digress so do we.  Our peace and joy in the Lord are not as palpable.  We forget to look for His blessings and grace in our lives.

However, the good news is this.  The train track was still there regardless of which direction the train was traveling.  This means that as surely as you can go backward, there is a means of going forward again.  God is always assessable with arms outstretched conducting you safely back to His will for your life.

Because life is filled with surprises both good and bad, don’t beat yourself up if you find the train of your life is in reverse.  It happens to us all, usually more than we like to admit.  God understands.  Simply be quick to recognize when you’ve begun to travel the wrong direction and return the conductor’s hat to the One who has the map, the plans, and the purpose for your life. The trip will be so much more enjoyable as you relax in the presence of His unfailing love. There will once again be forward momentum! Let go and trust in Him. To God Be the Glory!



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