A Mental Health Day

Whoa! This morning was not an especially “Good Morning!” kind of day for me. Woke up with what seemed like the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I know it is bad when I can’t find my smile. I couldn’t really put a finger on a particular culprit…just had that overwhelmed feeling from situations ongoing in our lives!IMG_8787

After cleaning up the breakfast dishes, I contemplated just climbing back into bed since it is my day off.  Not feeling as though that would help things, I gathered a few of my favorite things… my Bible, devotional book, computer, camera… and headed outside to the patio. I knew if I could make my mind focus on God and spend some time with Him I would be headed in the right direction.

Since it is July here in the South, I was not expecting to be able to stay outside for long at all due to heat and humidity.  However, today has been overcast, windy, and the high temperature thus far is 82 degrees !  I have been here for hours now.  I have taken in every sight and sound of nature, including the wind through the trees coaxing beautiful music from the wind chimes, the buzzing of hummingbirds, and the insistent song of a mockingbird. I have seen deer eat corn intended for our ducks at the edge of our lake and watched them swim back to the woods for rest and safety. I have listened to our dog, Max, snore gently at my feet. I have seen God and felt His presence in all that surrounds me!

Most importantly, I have had time to sort through the burdens that were weighing me down and give them to God.  I have taken the time to rebuke Satan because he has been hot on my heels of late.  And I have remembered to thank God for all His blessings instead of focusing on the problems that I have no control over.  And the darkness is lifting in the light of God’s presence.  Doesn’t it always! It just requires focus on the right thing, the Holy One who never intends for us to shoulder our burdens alone.

Fear.  I think that was the bitter root that had set foot in my heart before my feet hit the floor this morning.  All of our lives swirl with circumstances that elicit varying emotions…anger, doubt, worry, fear.  Can I encourage you to take a moment of time for yourself before the swirling circumstances of your life evolve into a tornadic frenzy which distracts you from God and His ability to walk through the most uncertain of times with you.

Take off the “mask” that you choose to hide behind and be honest with God. Spend time with Him, breathe Him in and wait. Sometimes you simply have to wait, be still, and enjoy the wind in the trees to be able to free your mind up enough to hear the healing words He will speak to your heart through the Holy Spirit and His promises in “The Bible.”

“Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you.  Show me  the way I should go, for to you I Iift up my soul.”  (Psalm 143:8)

As Plumb sings in her song “Exhale, “It’s OK to not be OK. This is a safe place.”  Love yourself enough to have your own mental health time aside with God, breathe Him in and exhale His love to those around you.  Time to finish this glass of sweet tea, gather up my things and head inside.  But, oh, I wouldn’t give a million dollars for the time God lovingly crafted for me to spend with Him today. Don’t miss out on yours. To God Be the Glory!


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