The “Up” Side of Routine

“Jack missed the normality of merely reading the paper.”
― Tom Clancy, Executive OrdersIMG_9777

Prior to this week, I never thought I would be so very appreciative of the boring nature of routine.  Who doesn’t want the excitement that waits to surprise you around the next unexplored turn?  Not me, not this week!

Life at our home is much like most.  Wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed, repeat! Now of course there is some eating taking place in between and usually some down time watching TV, playing on the computer, cheering your child’s team on, etc. You get the drift.

Have you ever gotten bored with it all, wanting to shake things up a bit…that restless soul kind of feeling? I know I have, thinking, “There’s got to be more to life than this!”

Well, can I tell you I have a whole new appreciation for “this” as of the last couple of days. My husband was in the hospital and all routine was out the window.  There was no boring supper at home, no television was watched from our favorite chairs at the end of the day, no laughing or complaining about the day at work.  And the house was so very, very quiet as I got in bed that night.

I suddenly had this new appreciation of the little things which contribute to the whole of my existence, things which on the surface seem boring but on which I thrive. My list of things for which I am thankful grew exponentially that night.

This picture was taken with my phone on the way to the hospital yesterday. Thunderstorms, like sudden trips to the hospital, can blow up out of nowhere and look pretty scary. It was the perfect contrast to my newly formed mental picture of routine. Routine was looking even better as I plowed through the rain and lightning. Obviously, the opposite of routine is not always what we want either! Storm clouds

My husband is home now with a good report from the doctor, and as he rests up from this experience we will once again revisit our routine.  Can I  just say, “YAY!” I can’t wait


Hope this finds you enjoying the “UP” side of your day and it’s routine.  It’s the little every day things we often take for granted that bring peace and a sense of well-being to our lives. Embrace reading the paper. Be thankful for those everyday blessings! To God Be the Glory!


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