Grace Wins Every Time


Sometimes you hear a song that leaves you with a smile on your face and a hand of praise in the air before it ends.  That was the case for me with this song entitled “Grace Wins” by Matthew West. What an awesome reminder of how wonderful and unfathomable God’s grace truly is!

There are times we take grace for granted, times we trample on it, and times we embrace it with all our being.  Hopefully, this song will be a reminder to treasure grace as you reflect on the great price that was paid for it…Christ’s death on the cross as the ransom for our sins.  It is a gift  that will never be equaled.  It is a gift that brings with it the promise of eternity in heaven with our Heavenly Father.

Enjoy the song! (There is no video yet that I could find.)  Hope it makes you smile and offer praise to God! Don’t forget to share this message of grace every chance you get.  Be watching for opportunities. God will provide. To God Be the Glory!

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****The rainbow in this photo taken on my iPhone was in no way edited. I can’t recall when I have seen such a vivid display of colors. This was the second one I have seen in three days! Love rainbows…always on the look-out.

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