Just Be Held

We’ve all had them…those circumstances that hit us out of the blue and knock us off our feet. In our dazed condition, we often lose our focus. We initially rise up fighting mad or deeply discouraged as the impact fully registers in our minds.  IMG_0028.jpg

The song I am sharing, written by Mark Hall of Casting Crowns, offers advice and comfort for these times. The song “Just Be Held” was penned by Mark prior to his diagnosis of kidney cancer. He had no idea this song would ultimately be the one to carry him through the difficult days ahead.  He had written this song for himself.

“When your eyes are on the storm, you wonder if I love you still.  But if your eyes are on the cross, you know I always have and I always will.”

These words from the song impact me the most.  I am reminded when the most difficult of times occur, we have a choice to make. The choice… to focus on the storm or on our Lord, Jesus Christ. Countless times my mind attaches itself to the storm where feelings about the Lord are transformed into hurt, distrust and anger.  Oh, how Satan revels when we allow ourselves to go down this path.  With God’s help, I am disciplining my mind to choose wisely and focus on His constant presence and never-ending love regardless of what life brings.

IMG_4689  I pray this song will comfort you if indeed you need to be held by a loving Heavenly Father. I pray your focus is on Him where you will find everything you need to survive the most difficult of days. Lean back into His arms where you can rest and just be held!  To God Be the glory!



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