The Other Side of Our Son’s Miracle

IMG_6008Do you remember when you were young and had this grand idea of how your life was going to work out…great marriage, successful career, model family and children?  Probably didn’t even considering checking in with God to see exactly what He had preordained before the beginning of time when we were formulating our strategies. Am I right?

Praise God, despite our plans His purpose prevails and no matter how difficult our journey may become, His plan is perfect, and there is peace. After 28 years of struggles with a son who has learning disabilities, behavior disorders, seizures and high-functioning autism, I know that to be truth.

Our miracle is that for months we attempted to have Ben restored to a more structured type of supervised living environment because he was digressing in the more independent setting he had moved into.

All doors back were firmly shut and bolted. We were given no hope this could happen. It was then through the worst anger outbreak Ben had ever experienced a door opened to crisis intervention, which led to the next door opening for his return to the setting we desired. What Satan meant for evil, God used for good!

Yesterday, Ben left three weeks of crisis intervention returning to the supervised living home in which he previously resided, where he is already acquainted with clients and staff.  Change is not easy for any of us, but for Ben, it is earth-shaking. God made the transition much smoother. Wow! The miracle continues to multiply!

However, change is change, and Ben is currently protesting vehemently! NO parent wants to see their child be unhappy, but we rest in knowing that God’s hand has guided us every step of the way through the pain and the praise of this miracle. He will lead us the rest of the way!

I share this to encourage you to continue to seek God in the midst of your deepest struggles and totally unexpected, dream-stealing circumstances. I have made the mistake of thinking peace could only exist in the complete resolution of the problem.

I now personally know of that elusive peace in the middle of the storm…of how a miracle can occur when things are actively spinning out of control and unresolved…of how to see the miracle and praise God when the waves are ten feet tall and crashing in on me.

Did I ask for this in my self-contrived fairytale world? Heavens no! Has God used “all that is Ben” to draw me to Him and lead me to a close relationship with Him…absolutely yes.

May I suggest that you look beyond the burst bubble that may be your life and seek God. See what He is trying to do with you and for you, and join Him where He is leading.

Why? Because with Him, there is peace, and there are miracles in the making for your life in the hardest of times. Absolutely know God has promised a plan for your life that is GOOD! (Romans 8:28)  Go with God. To God Be the Glory!

*For Part One of this miracle check the archives for “God’s Miracle for our Son.”

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  1. Carla

    Amen!!! Praying you continue to see the Lords hand through all of this and that Ben will be the young man God created him to be. To God be the Glory!!! Love you all!!!


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