The Great I Am

IMG_1877One of my favorite Christmas songs is “Mary Did You Know?” My preferred version this year is performed by Danny Gokey. He ends his rendition by powerfully repeating the words “He’s the great I AM!”
The repetition leads me to concentrate on those words as never before. That song usually evokes a mental picture of baby Jesus in the manger of a Nativity scene. But the Great I Am…why that is God! Mary was holding God in the flesh. That brings me to pause. Humbles me that God would come down from Heaven for me. Enlarges the picture in my head of Christmas exponentially.
As the mad dash of the Christmas season is in high gear, please give this a thought. Christmas is not about putting pressure on yourself to give the perfect gift. Your gifts to others will be appreciated and bring happiness but will likely soon be forgotten.
This Christmas season, focus on the Perfect Gift, God who came down to earth as a baby. That is the gift that keeps on giving not just happiness in the moment but joy for a lifetime. Don’t get caught up in the frenzy of these last few days and lose sight of “The Great I Am!” Enjoy the song! Merry Christmas!

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