Too Scattered For Time With Jesus

FullSizeRenderWe can usually quickly recognize physical fatigue as that tired, worn out feeling that makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning. If we are wise, we reorder our priorities and seek rest as a remedy. But what about mental fatigue, when what’s going on in your head robs you of the ability to think clearly and focus on what is most important.

How many of the Pins I’ve spent chunks of time-saving on Pinterest have I even made use of?  How many sports scores, facts and updates can a brain grasp or does it reasonably need. (Don’t want to leave out the guys!) One thing and then another captures my attention, goes on my to-do list of things to further research. Ultimately, my brain is overwhelmed and able to store no more. My head gets all claustrophobic and I panic a little inside. But what have I absorbed of value for me in this life.  How can I use any of these stores of information to reach someone for Jesus?

Satan has a heyday with this creation of mental fatigue!  With your phone chiming, your television blaring, and a computer in your lap, the ability to focus on what matters most, your relationship with Jesus, is crowded out of your conscious thoughts.

We blame it on life in general, accepting the hectic pace of this world as normal, as an unavoidable excuse.  Sadly, we do this to ourselves. However, Romans 12:2 holds the solution, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.“

Old habits die hard. Beginning the day logging into the mind of Christ instead of Facebook or checking the ten messages on your phone will not come easy at first. Oh, but the joy and peace there is to experience in giving Jesus first dibs to your mind each morning. There you find peace and instruction, experiencing the love of Christ before you enter the world, initiating the process of basking in His presence all day!

Ready? Here we go! Devices on silent, television off, alarm set 15 minutes earlier. Yay, there it is! That time you say you never can find… mind renewing time, coherent thinking. Sounds like a good place to start. Grab it and go with God!  To God Alone Be the Glory!


2 thoughts on “Too Scattered For Time With Jesus

  1. Linda

    I thought when we retired, I would have a less cluttered life. Not so – life still seems hectic. I need to determine my time priorities – and top of the list is more time with Jesus. Yes, it may mean setting an earlier alarm – and definitely thinking about how much time spent in front of a screen! Thanks for this post.


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