Jesus Can Heal Your Broken Heart

IMG_9221I always have and always will love music. As much as possible it is in the background of everything I do. The dial on my radio seldom moves from “Positive, Encouraging KLOV,” a Christian station. Often God lines up the perfect set of songs through which to whisper His love for me.  Today was one of those days.

Recently, I have written of both difficulties and miracles involving our son, Ben. We are still walking through a valley where the pain is tough on my “mama heart” and my husband’s determination to stay strong for me is waning.  His pain is no less, just handled differently, as men do.

Perhaps someone can relate to what I am about to explain.  When you have walked in the valley an extended period of time things slowly happen to your heart.  At first you don’t even notice any changes.  Slowly, the pain causes your heart to become guarded and, with the passing of time, solely out of protection you have walled it off where it can’t be hurt anymore.

Not good!  A quarantined heart can’t feel love as easily, or joy. This certainly doesn’t improve conditions in the valley. Just makes things darker.  The third in a series of songs God wanted me to hear tonight was “Tell your Heart To Beat Again,” preceded by “Good, Good Father.” (Chris Tomlin)

Wanted to put the song out there for anyone else who needs to hear it.  The story behind it is well worth researching.  None of this means I doubt God’s love for me.  There are lessons taught and maturity gained in the valley.  He is there walking by my side.  The first of the three songs I heard was “Just Be Held.” (Casting Crowns) Tell me that wasn’t a line-up from heaven! God bless you that are valley sojourners. There are better times ahead, a hope and a future! (Jeremiah 29:11)  May this song speak to your heart and begin to resuscitate it! To God Alone Be the Glory!


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