All Things Bright and Beautiful


The brightness of the full moon against the dark and cloudy sky this week perfectly exemplified this verse.  Sometimes our lights only shine brightly on Sunday and barely flicker during the week. Outside the church are the most vital areas for you to light the world with the love of God within you.  We don’t have to look hard to see the darkness. We walk in it every day. The news screams it. Satan promotes it!

What pleases God and benefits us more than becoming a bright and beautiful spot on this earth for Him? This comes with relationship and time spent in His presence. As we are transformed and when we begin to shine, other people will be drawn out of the darkness of this world into the light within us.  It’s an amazing thing to be used by God to illumine someone’s life with our testimony of His love for us, our explanation for the light that is within us.

Today you may be working next to someone who is enveloped in darkness. They talk about the circumstances of their darkness. Perhaps you listen and give advice, but have you offered them the real solution?  Have you shared your Jesus with them who has the answers they need, the love and comfort they desire.  Will you take your light out from under the bushel where you left it on Monday and flood their darkness with what Jesus has done in your life and will do for them?

Be brave, be ready. Do it afraid if necessary! Ask God for His perfect timing and allow the Holy Spirit to speak through you. Be a bright and beautiful light in your corner of this world for Jesus. Allow Jesus full access to your life to increase your wattage in this world for Him! He made you to glow in the dark! To God Be the Glory!

Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light. ~Norman B. Rice

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