A New Routine With Jesus

IMG_3966It’s Saturday night. I am working on my Sunday School lesson and Eddy is across the house doing paperwork for his job. Just as I get all nestled into my chair, I hear our dog, Max barking in the middle of the house. I know exactly what he wants. He has not had his play time yet tonight, fetching his toy, and he is letting us know about it. That time is a part of his routine that cannot be skipped before we go to bed. In fact, he just entered the room I am in, and he is letting me know he is not pleased with the delay, squeaking his toy at me!

Sometimes I wish Jesus was like that, loudly reminding me He wants to have time with me…pray time, relationship time. Instead He waits patiently, quietly calling us into fellowship with Himself. He makes no demands, does not annoy us to get our attention. He is there anytime of the day or night, waiting and desiring our company.

Why do we even need a reminder after all that God has done for us? You would think we’d be rushing to Him daily in praise, but we get distracted and we can’t here His still small voice above the noise of the day. I want to challenge all of us, myself included, to stop neglecting something so precious to Jesus…our time, our fellowship, our conversations with Him. Put aside a part of each day to give Him your undivided attention. Make it part of your routine. Let’s see how your world and mine will change.

Off now to quiet Max from his non-stop whining at me. Be blessed. To God Be the Glory!

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